Dog travels to Spain by car in springtime

Tuuker (in estonian, it means "diver") is just your average dog, not the type to pull a sled for 600 kilometers or do fancy tricks. But he's a great buddy, exactly what you'd want in a cool family dog. 

This time, Tuuker and his owner Merlin Lõiv decided to hit the road towards Spain from Estonia in early spring 2024. Their goal? Spend a couple of weeks soaking up the sun, sniffing new winds, and enjoying the local vibes. A peaceful journey gives them a fresh perspective and confirms that living in Estonia is still awesome.

A Duo on the Road

Tuuker, a calm and big dog who's already 10 years old, was adopted by Merlin from a shelter in Viljandi in 2022. Here, she shareshow they bonded and got used to each other.

We don't exactly know if Tuuker enjoys traveling, but one thing's for sure – nobody wants to be away from their family for too long, even if there's food on the table and a cozy bed waiting. Traveling by car makes it relatively hassle-free to bring along our four-legged family members. Everything's more fun together!

Merlin Lõiv, Tuuker's owner, is into crafting inspired by ancient artifacts, teaching interested folks, occasionally driving for ride-hailing apps to fund her dreams, and contributing to the "Setomaa" newspaper from Tartumaa. A versatile free spirit!

Costly Dreams?

Traveling and, more broadly, chasing our dreams don't have to break the bank. Merlin packs the essentials for her and Tuuker in her almost 20-year-old but well-maintained Volkswagen Golf, which she also uses for work daily. 

If there wasn't video proof, you wouldn't believe that such a small car handles most of their journey, even serving as their two-person tent at times. It all comes down to a person's priorities and expectations in the end. Just like we shouldn't judge those who love all-inclusive resort vacations, we should admire those who bring their dreams and ideas to life.

Seize Life's Opportunities and Try It Out! Whining and envying others won't get us anywhere. A person is only as happy as they allow themselves to be, regardless of their wallet's thickness, but rather from deciding to pursue what interests them and taking steps to make it happen. 

Tips for Traveling with a Dog

Merlin shares the joys and pains of traveling with a dog in her travel videos. Her practical experiences help others understand how to consider their dog's well-being and needs.

For instance, especially at the beginning of a trip, take more frequent pee and stretch breaks because dogs need time to adapt to new travel situations. This adjustment might take a bit longer for an older dog like Tuuker. 

It's worth noting observations like offering crunchy snacks instead of fresh meat during the trip and keeping an eye on the dog's food intake. Stressed dogs tend to eat less, but a bite from the owner's hand is usually accepted.

When sleeping in the car, understand your dog's habits and needs – perhaps they need a light coat for the night. Even in Central Europe, depending on the season, temperatures in cars can drop to freezing at night.

Where Are They Now?

You can follow Tuuker's journeys on their YouTube channel:

Did you notice the word "again" in the title? This isn't Merlin's first long trip from Estonia to Spain. In the previous year, 2023, their car trip had its share of adventures. Watch and cheer for Tuuker and Merlin as they tackle challenges and surprises during their travels.  


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